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  • Our Mission

    To enable your organization to operate with transparency and accountability, while achieving measurable performance through robust and scalable business processes needed to support SD initiatives.

    Our Vision

    To be the leading consulting partner to any organization integrating a SD strategy into the social fabric of the company.
  • Company Information

    Established in July 2009, DSS is a minority and women-owned enterprise.

    Our Expertise

    Integration of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) business objectives with an organization's existing technical and operations model.

    Our Unique Approach

    We engage the following SPAA (Strategize, Produce, Analyze, Achieve) custom methodology to integrate your CSR business objectives with your business operations model.
  • What Makes Us Different

    ➢ Subject Matter Experts (SME) in supplier diversity, purchasing/sourcing, accounting, supply chain management, and database (SQL) language.

    ➢ 14 years – Enterprise Resource Planning software applications.

    ➢ 4 years - Supplier Diversity Reporting projects.

    ➢ 5 years - consulting with a global firm.

    ➢ Over 6 years - manufacturing experience with a global corporation.

  • Client Benefits

    1. We visualize total procurement activities.

    2. We expose areas to increase diverse spend.

    3. We maximize the existing system and business process functionality.

    4. We aid in strategies to achieve spend targets.

    5. We bridge the gap of Supplier Diversity (SD) focused initiatives with technology and operations.

    6. We eliminate dependencies on outside sections to produce necessary deliverables.
  • Processed Focused

    ➢ Utilize a project management approach.

    ➢ Follow a custom methodology.

    ➢ Automate the process to govern and manage suppliers and reporting.

    ➢ Focus on standardization and continuous improvement activities throughout the implementation process.

    ➢ Use best practices to create standard operating procedures (SOP) to ensure a repeatable and measurable process.